Vinyl Strip By Audio Thing

The Vinyl Strip Plugin by AudioThing is a “vintage box” with 6 module strips:



Bit Crusher

Tilt EQ




These module strips can add a warm-age-feel to any modern clean sound. With a clear distinctive layout of each segment, beginners and advanced users can dive right into tweaking their sounds straight out the box without needing a manual. The signal path flow is from the left to right, with an added function of a drag and drop of each module in the order the user would like.
A little neat trick is the randomisation parameter which lets the plugin generate random vintage styled effects. You can lock individual modules to prevent them from being randomised. The modules also have a bypass switch which do come very handy to listen to the before and after versions of the sound created.
The age of Vinyl sounding records is being revived, therefore in the foreseeable future (especially with the 400% spike in Vinyl purchases globally) this kind of aged sound will be found on a lot of records. Vinyl Strip fits perfectly with any effects chain, so you better be on to grab yourself a copy!
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Written By Enoch Kolo
Written By Enoch KoloMusician / Producer Instagram Page