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There’s a professional touch you can hear immediately when you push play with LLANE MUSIC. Whether on headphones or studio monitors their transparent mixes translates clear, polished and solid sounding through any source. The mastering quality has a nice subtle punch with a depth that’s not easily achieved. With each beat, you can hear the time and meticulous thought that went into its creation. I recommend their beats for any project big or small.

Darren Rogers
Darren Rogerss Owner of Flock Audio Recording Studios / Chief Producer http://www.flockaudio.com

Well crafted engineering work, vocals stay in your face while also remaining musical. Good use of effects and a solid understanding of musical composition.

Skyler Young
Skyler YoungMixing Engineerhttp://www.cleartrackstudios.com/

LLANE MUSIC engineers song after song that just oozes class and professionalism. I have yet to hear one that was not outstandingly mixed and mastered. Incredible detail and clarity is evident in all of their work, but in a rich, deep, analog type of way. Many times, an engineer achieves clarity by thinning out the low end. This is not the case with their mixes and masters… the bass and low mids are beautifully full, without intruding on the other aspects of the track. This is a hybrid (analog + digital) studio done right. Don’t think twice about trusting them with your projects.

Michael Frasinelli
Michael FrasinelliAudio Engineer / Producerhttp://www.topshelfmg.com/

I always mix and master everything my self but if I don’t have the time to do that I wouldn’t hesitate asking LLANE MUSIC and I bet the result would sound just as good. Not everyone has a pro studio but that does not mean you can’t have a pro sound, and remember it took me 15 years to become good at mixing and mastering and get the best result but it will only take you 3 days if you send your project to LLANE MUSIC.

Andreas Gotfredsen
Andreas GotfredsenMixing and Mastering Engineer / Producer https://www.instagram.com/agotfredsen/